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CHINA The land of emperors, empresses, and dynasties with more than 5,000 years of history, China is a place of cultural insights, historical adventures, temples, shrines, and pagodas. Breathtaking landscapes and sites include The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Shanghai museum, The Bund, and many other important historical sites. From modern cities to remote regions of the Yangtze River and Tibet, guests will experience the journey of a lifetime.

  MYANMARDiscover a land of beautiful scenery, temples built for Kings, and ancient culture in an unspoiled environment. Explore the stupas of Yangon, cruise along the Irrawaddy River, climb Mount Popa and experience the sacred monkeys. Visit Myanmar before it changes forever.  

  JAPAN A fascinating blend of the new and the ancient, a visit to Japan includes the vibrant city of Tokyo with its bustling Ginza District, a ride on the bullet train, beautiful Hakone, majestic Mt.Fuji and Kyoto's ancient shrines, castles and palaces.

  HONG KONG This destination has been acclaimed the world over for its breathtaking Victoria harbor, fascinating cultural activities, fine cuisine and chic shopping. Sightseeing includes the sampan community at Aberdeen, fashionable Repulse Bay, Stanley Market and the panoramic vistas of Victoria Peak.  



THAILAND A land of golden images and pagodas, a visit to Thailand will prove to be life changing, as you visit colorful Bangkok, explore local life at a coconut fare or pineapple plantation and a fishing village in Hua Hin, visit an orchid plantation along with the Meo Hill tribe village, embark on a jungle safari and enjoy the beautiful island of Koh Samui.


CAMBODIAA highlight of your visit to Cambodia is a visit to Angko Wat - a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the largest temple complexes in the world. In addition, your journey can include the hilltop Phnom Bakheng Temple and the fortified Royal City of Angkor Thom.



  VIETNAM Exploring Vietnam by land provides new insights into its culture and traditions. It is a blend of traditional architecture, serene landscapes and lively cities. Sightseeing highlights include the Old Quarter in Hanoi and Halong Bay World Heritage sites.

  INDIA In India, you will experience a rich cultural tapestry, with its stunning beauty and intriguing cultural sites. A deep spiritual country with a diverse population of nearly 1.2 billion people. India is the world's largest democracy, and an emerging economic power.



Your Yangtze River Voyage...
Scenery And History Abound

  The Long River (Chang Jiang) The Chinese name for the Yangtze is simply "Long River." This, the third longest river in the world, flows from melting glacial waters in Tibets to the East China Sea at Shanghai, almost 4,000 miles. Physically as well as culturally, the Yangtze has always served as a natural divide between northern and southern China. Since ancient times, its beauty and grandeur have inspired poets and artists alike, while its importance as a commercial thoroughfare and cultural lifeline remains central.   Chongqing The mountainside city of Chongqing has been a bustling port and major center of commerce throughout China's history, owing to its location at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers. Narrow tiered streets of the old city, lined with vendors' stalls, rise steeply from the banks of the river. The Stilwell Museum is located in the house where General Stilwell lived during World War II; here you may learn about the history of the famed Flying Tigers.


  Three Gorges Dam Site Near the village of San Dou Ping, is the largest hydroelectric project in history progresses ahead of schedule. Construction of the Three Gorges Dam has raised the level of the Yangtze to over 550 feet above sea level, playing an important role in flood control, navigation, water diversion, environmental protection and provides over 10 percent of China's energy needs. Where a 370 mile reservoir will be created behind the dam, and at the dam site itself, the world's largest national park.

  Nanjing Nanjing has served as China's capital several times in China's history. Hong Wu, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, relocated the imperial court to Nanjing in the 14th century. The Yangtze River Bridge, upon its completion in 1968, provided the first direct overland link between the lower Yangtze River Valley and Beijing. Visit the blue-domed hall of the Dr.Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, reached by climbing 392 granite steps, an impressive memorial to the world famous former leader. A Qing Dynasty style bazaar that surrounds a Confucian Temple provides a fascinating experience.  


  Fengdu Legend-rich Fengdu is known as the "City of Ghosts." In ancient times, sailors moored their boats midstream rather than on shore to avoid attack by ghosts. The temple complex high up on Mingshan Hill is filled with statues of ghosts and devils. Originally dedicated to the gods of the Underworld, it's a popular site for visitors today.
  ShiBaoZhai Balanced on the edge of the sheer cliffs of Shibaozhai is a spectacular 12-story wooden pagoda. Over 400 years old, this amazing building ws constructed without use of a single nail. Truly magnificent, the pagoda is appropriately called the "Pearl of the Yangtze."



  Shanghai China's business center, and gateway to the Yangtze River. Once called the "Paris of the East," Shanghai's European past is on display at its waterfront Bund. The Old Quarter's twisting alleys, ancient temples and shops are not to be missed. Modern skyscapers are testament to the city's prosperity, while world-renowned museums pay homage to the nation's past.


Huangshan Renowned are the "Four Ultimate Beauties" of Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) - ancient pines, sea of clouds, fantastically shaped rocks and its hot springs. Revered throughout China, Huangshan is not easily accessible. After taking a gondola three quarters of the way up, the adventurous may continue via stairway. The reward is a truly unforgettable experience of walking into a living Chinese ink painting, as dramatic vistas are on display before you.



  Wanzhou (formerly Wanxian) Like vigilant sentries, Wanzhou's two nine-storied pagodas watch over the riverside entrance to the city. Steep stairways wind up from the river to the center of the town high above the Yangtze. The locally famous rattan and cane market buzzes with buyers and sellers bargaining for the handmade mats, fans, hats and baskets.
  Wushan Traditional courtyard style homes line the streets in Wushan, which are named after the 12 peaks of the Wu Gorge. This is the starting point for a day excursion up the Daning River to view the spectacular Small Gorges - Dragon Gate, Misty or Emerald. Continue on by sampan to the picturesque mini-gorges of the Ma Du River for more amazing scenery.  

   Badong Disembark at Badong for a trip via small boat up Shennong Stream to view its dramatic gorges. The scenery is sure to amaze at every bend of the stream.
  Guichi On the southern banks of the Yangtze, Guichi is the closest port for day excursions to visit the sacred Buddhist mountain retreats of Huangshan or Jiuhuashan.  


  Wuhan The only city spanning both banks of the Yangtze, Wuhan lies midway along the navigable length of the river. It has remained an important center historically, geographically, commercially and politically throughout the centuries. Visit the Hubei Provincial Museum on the Grand Yangtze tour.

  Yichang At the eastern end of Xiling Gorge, just past the dam site, is Yichang. Already a thriving economic center, Yichang is on the threshold of becoming a major tourist destination with its close proximity to the dam. The mountain roads around the city offer panoramic views of the Xiling Gorge below.