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Pacific Delight Tours and its travel agency partners are experts in group travel. We share a passion for travel in all its aspects-the history, culture and beauty of our selected destinations.

Traveling in a group makes travel more affordable, as the fixed costs of the program are shared by a larger number of people. In addition, with 15 or more, the group leader will receive complimentary land arrangements on a half-twin basis. With 38 years of excellence, Pacific Delight Tours takes pride in being America’s leading tour operator to China and Asia. Put your group’s special interest in the hands of the best – Pacific Delight Tours.

"I have not told half of what I saw." - Marco Polo

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    have first hand knowledge of your
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    tour with your theme in mind
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Student /Families/Children/Trade & Vocational

Pacific Delight Tours takes pride in the future of our young adults by exposing them to cultures from around the globe.  China and Asia is full of exciting opportunities to learn about different languages, history, and the performing arts.  Our tours for Students/Families/Children and Trade and Vocational schools can include excursions such as: History Museums, Curator Lectures, Private visits to artifacts rooms, historical UNESCO World Sites, tribal villages, zoos and panda visits.  How excited your young group would be to build the Great Wall, plant a tree, meet an email pal.  They may also meet with a local family, stop at a factory to see “How Things are Made”.  Culinary demonstrations maybe included at trade and vocational schools, along with visits to night markets, and tea production brigades.  These special interest tours can also include lessons in traditional Chinese medicine, and pharmacy visits.

Enrich your children’s future and offer them an educational tour to China, Asia, or Beyond.


  Athletic Groups

You can enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, marathons, golf, soccer, tennis, and other sports-related sites and tours.  Only Pacific Delight Tours can offer biking around Xi’an’s city wall, rock climbing in Guilin, or skiing near the Great Wall. Pacific Delight Tours would like to make your group’s dreams come true!



Relaxation & Meditation

Let’s get the group together for a relaxing tour, and sail on fascinating cruises, stay at luxurious resorts, indulge in spa treatments, soak in hot springs, enjoy facials, massage demonstrations, reflexology, acupuncture, acupressure, wine, beer & spirits tastings.



Art, Architecture, and the Performing

Experience the unique architectural heritage of Asia’s destinations and travel back in time as your group explores the living quarters of emperors.  Learn about the many talents of China and Asia as you may choose to see Peking Opera shows, traditional performances, choirs, orchestras, marching bands, theater, shadow or water puppet shows.



World Religions

Explore Asia’s religious diversity on a Pacific Delight tour. China and Asia are home to many of the world’s great religions. Western religions have also been adopted in many places. China has Taoism, Buddhism, and even Judaism. Taiwan has Buddhism, and Catholicism. Vietnam blends several religious traditions. On our religion tours we can offer stops at temples, shrines, synagogues, churches, and community centers. Pacific Delight Tours also includes time for prayer services, monastery visits, and quiet strolls through parks and gardens.