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Up Close and Personal with Pandas

· China

On Pacific Delight's Retro China and Beyond the Wall tours, you'll visit the expansive Dujiangyan Panda Base near Chengdu for a unique face-to-face intimate panda feeding experience and explore the adorable giant panda and red panda habitats.

Accompanied by a professional panda expert, you'll stroll through the grounds observing the pandas and learning about their breeding and life stages. The highlight will be learning about their feeding practices and getting a chance to feed them! Visit the red panda area to see these quiet but territorial creatures. And if the conditions are right and the animal is receptive, visitors may have the opportunity to hold a baby panda for a brief photo opportunity under close supervision.

Traveler Nancy C, (June 2019) reports: "I have always wanted to see pandas close up, and not in a zoo environment. This was perfect because we were able to get a better taste of how they live, what they eat and feed them. We watched a great documentary and made panda "cakes”. A perfect day!"

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