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Mmmm....the food in China

· China

One of the greatest adventures of any journey is to experience the variety of cuisine and rich culinary history of each destination; in China, that history spans thousands of years!

You are probably familiar with “lo mein” but have you ever had lo mein lobbed into your bowl, sliced from a block of noodle flour perched on top of a chef’s head? Gives new meaning to the expression “using your noodle.”

From world-famous Peking duck to the spicy “hot pot” of Sichuan, you will meet the chefs who excel in these iconic specialties and learn how each sumptuous dish is prepared. You may be amazed to discover that many of the chef’s utensils haven’t changed since the dynastic period.

You’ll tour local markets that give new meaning to the expression "rice paddy to table" and enjoy some exceptionally fine and unique dining in China.

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