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Incredible Yangtze River Cruise

· Yangtze River,China

Day 1 - Board in Chongqing

On Pacific Delight Tours Cultural China & Yangtze River Cruise Tour, you will start the Yangtze Cruise in Chongqing, a picturesque city on the Yangtze River. Did you know it was base for the famed Flying Tigers during WWII whose heroic history is commemorated in the Stilwell Museum? Also, say ‘ni hao’ to the giant pandas in the Chongqing Zoo before boarding your ship for an unforgettable cruise on the most exciting stretch of the Yangtze River.
Day 2 - Jade Emperor Scenic Area (B,L,D)
Depending on river conditions, this day’s shore excursion will visit the area near Fengdu, which has the largest image of the Jade Emperor in the world or Shibaozhai, with its impressive wooden pagoda. Onboard ship, enjoy informative lectures, fashion shows and cultural presentations.

Day 3- Qutang Gorge / Small Gorges Excursion / Wu Gorge / Xiling Gorge (B,L,D)
Enter the unforgettable Three Gorges, considered by many to be China’s most extraordinary scenery. You’ll pass through Qutang Gorge, the shortest, narrowest and most dramatic. The 25-mile long Wu Gorge is known for its quiet beauty, forest-covered mountains, and cliffs so sheer that the sun barely penetrates the precipices. Transfer to another vessel for a relaxing excursion through the attractive gorges of Goddess Stream or Shennong Stream, depending on river conditions. Finally, enter Xiling Gorge, the longest and deepest of the Three Gorges.
Day 4 - Three Gorges Dam Excursion / Yichang / Shanghai (B)
Disembark this morning and tour the Three Gorges Dam, which spans the Yangtze River at Sandouping in Xiling Gorge. It is the world’s largest power station and provides energy to millions of people in the Yangtze basin. Next stop Shanghai!

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