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Excitement of Cycling in China

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The colorful scenes of China unfold with cinematic beauty for cyclists, as the country’s captivating street life, incredible food and amazing historic sites are up close and personal when you travel on a bicycle. Click HERE for Pacific Delight Tours Adventure - Cycling Tour.

When you imagine biking in China, it brings to mind images of narrow streets, tile-roofed temples, bustling markets and steaming street carts. This daydream becomes a reality in Beijing, where you’ll cruise through the historic hutongs, ride past well-preserved courtyard homes and narrow alleys bordering tree-lined lakes. After stopping in with a local family for a steaming cup of tea, you’ll continue a short ride to the Summer Palace, to wander through the immaculate royal garden, a complex of pavilions and temples on the shores of man-made Kunming Lake. Off the bike, the iconic sites of Beijing are stunning as well—including a visit to Tian’an Men Square and the magical Forbidden City.

You’ll visit the epic Great Wall on the outskirts of Beijing and then pedal through the rolling landscape of Huairou County, eventually stopping at a local market that seems a million miles away from the fast-paced capital.

In Guilin, cruise the lovely Li River—on a boat this time—and soak in the ethereal landscape as it unfolds around each turn. The peaceful water and otherworldly limestone formations form unforgettable panoramas. The gorgeous landscape continues in Yangshuo, where you’ll pedal past quaint villages, shimmering rice paddies and lazy water buffalo.

In Lijiang, witness an awe-inspiring spectacle as more than 500 people perform in the Snow Mountain extravaganza created by Oscar winner, Zhang Yimou, who also produced the Beijing Olympics. You’ll cycle past villages, monasteries and other time-forgotten sights with the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain range as a backdrop. Biking through Lijiang is a trip of a lifetime.

When in Shanghai, do as the Shanghainese do: cycle through their daily commutes, particularly in the former French Concession with exquisitely restored colonial mansions and hotels from the cultural renaissance of the first three decades of the twentieth century. The scenery is breathtakingly different as you near the Bund and see futuristic Pudong across the river. Seeing China on two wheels is an unprecedented adventure for travelers who love cycling.

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