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An Unforgettable Family Journey

· China

Home of giant pandas, fireworks and kite-making, with hundreds of kid-friendly museums that capture young imaginations, China is a fascinating adventure for families. Seeing the Terracotta Warriors, traipsing along the Great Wall or using a bamboo brush to learn from a calligraphy master are experiences of a lifetime — and lifelong memories for travelers of any age. See Specialty Tours - Family Here. 

For all of China’s history, the thrills in Shanghai look boldly to the future. The Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which offers a sky-high vantage of one of China’s most impressive cityscapes, will delight scifi fans with 5D cinema and a space capsule. And riding the indoor roller coaster is truly something to txt home about. Nearby, the Shanghai Science & Technology Museums flaunts cutting-edge displays, including Robot World where young travelers can challenge a robot to a soccer match!

As soon as you board the Yangtze cruise, the pace slows to that of a different era. The cruise passes scenes of rural life, cliffside monasteries and fishing villages while onboard, enjoy fashion shows, tai chi and Chinese language lessons, and talks on the amazing Yangtze River dam.

In the Silk Road city of Xian, experience (and taste) a delicious demonstration of hand-pulled noodle-making, ride a bike along Xian’s city walls and try your hand at a private calligraphy class. In Chongqing, learn about China’s amazing wildlife at a guided trip to the zoo and its special highlight - the Panda House.

In Beijing, kids can play the shuttlecock kicking game with locals at the Temple of Heaven while parents can photograph the architecture. Evocative monuments of imperial China are all around, including the walled Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. And for an action shot, there’s the evening’s acrobatic circus followed by a visit to the Water Park.

At the Great Wall, the destination that awes travelers young and old, you’ll walk along the man-made wonder and take a squeal-inciting toboggan ride to the wall’s base. Bid farewell to the Middle Kingdom with a savory local delicacy, Peking Duck, which is, of course, served family-style. With colorful history, friendly people, amazing food and exotic cultural treasures, the “What I did on my summer vacation report” will never be quite the same.

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