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New for 2017

By popular demand, Pacific Delight is pleased to present its newest offerings: tours for travelers on a gluten-free diet, and Jewish interest tours for people who are kosher and Sabbath observant.

The skyrocketing increase in demand for gluten-free is not only among the 3+ million North American celiacs who require the diet but it's preferred by countless others who choose this diet as a healthy alternative. Just look in your neighborhood supermarket and note all the "GF" selections throughout. There are places in the world where arranging a GF diet can be a daunting challenge. Our experienced escorts are specialists versed in all GF requirements to give you not only a safe but delicious GF travel experience in India, China & the Yangtze, and Southeast Asia.

In the literature of the Holocaust, the amazing story of European Jews who fled across the world to a haven in the Far East is virtually unknown in the West. Our "Journeys through Jewish eyes™ is a unique Jewish tour to visit the sites where the lives of tens of thousands of Jews were saved during World War II. There are so many other fascinating highlights, as well... a Shinto priest wearing a tallis, an award-winning Japanese choir performing a private concert for you, in Hebrew and Yiddish... and more.

Old, New and Eternal...

To travel is to discover and explore in the world. To travel has always made people see and know more, to grow to understand other cultures long separated by vast distances. Once the reserve of the brave and foolish seeking exotic pleasures, today travel to Asia is both comfortable and affordable. With the best professional arrangements, the journey can be reliably luxurious and personally fulfilling. The ease of travel has made our world a better and friendlier place. When we know more about a destination and how to get there in confidence, we feel good to go.

And especially to Asia, Now!!

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